Hythe Shed

The Hythe Shed was part of the Ferry and Pier workshop

About the Hythe Shed (at the pier)

The Hythe Shed (at the pier) is an area where men (and women) can meet to mend, repair and socialise over a cup of tea or coffee, and to pass on knowledge and skills.

The Hythe Shed is open to all to apply by invitation for membership. The main aims of the shed are;

  1. To help with the repair and restoration of the pier, train and carriages where skills to do so are available on an ongoing basis.

  2. To mend, repair or make their own project, without pressure, and to socialise in a friendly environment over tea, coffee and biscuits.
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Hythe Shed Membership Details

Membership costs £10 per year, plus an attendance charge of £2 per day to cover drinks, rent, electric etc.

No smoking, vaping or alcohol is permitted on the premises.

The Hythe Shed will be open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am until 4pm.

Membership Form
Allan the founding member

Contact Us

The best way of contacting us is to just pop down to the shed any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 10am and 4pm

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